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SafeLister is the very FIRST, the very BIGGEST and the very CLEANEST PPS SAFELIST out there! over 25,000 REAL MEMBERS! Squeaky clean list.

Here are all the FREE FEATURES of SafeLister!!
  • Extremely SIMPLE account management
  • 100 000 FREE credits just for joining
  • 15 000 credits earned per referral signup (unlimited)
  • BONUS Jackpot Links in EVERY email to earn MORE FREE Credits!
  • The message sending process is automated/instant (no waiting)
  • YOU choose the amount of credits to use (no per day limit)
  • Vacation Setting (puts your account on hold until your return)
  • Unique referral link to earn more sending credits
  • Credit use reporting (previous and current credit activity)
  • Frequently asked questions/help section
  • Bug report tool (only used if you find a bug in the system)
  • Send as many messages as you want each day (IF you have credits)
  • The Absolute BEST customer service around!
SafeLister also offers - PRO MEMBERSHIP with HTML Sending!
  • INTUITIVE HTML w/AUTOSEND! Its as easy as copy & paste!
  • Send HTML ads, using "real" html with our HTML Editor
  • ROTATE 3 of your BEST Ads/Subjects DAILY!
  • Pick the hour and minute your ad goes out
  • NO Top Sponsor Advertiser ads in your HTML emails to the list!
  • BONUS JACKPOT CREDITS in all outgoing HTML Ads!
  • Send ONE HTML Ad Daily and as many TEXT ADS as you like

WooDoggie Safelists Are you looking for another way to promote your product or service? Join us atWooDoggie and start taking advantage of our SafeList benefits today! Over 100 Safelists to choose from

Join our Growing Safelists and receive these benefits:

All Members are Bounce-Free
Clean, 100% Verified Membership List
Save your Ads for Automatic Posting
No Lists to Download
Send Your Messages Directly From Our Servers - Timesaver!
Paid Members Track Your Ads
Excellent Customer Support
Instant Account Creation
Messages are Sent in Real Time
Switch Your Settings On/Off Vacation Mode
Automated Username and/or Password Retrieval
Cancel Your Membership Anytime


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