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Do you WANT Affordable AND Effective Banner Advertising?
We have what you NEED!

YOU can BENEFIT from Over 100 000 HITS Per day OUR Sites RECEIVE!!
Choose your AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE banner package today!
WooDoggie.COM (120 safelists)

Our Banner advertising is very EFFECTIVE, our advertisers enjoy a higher click-thru ratio than what is considered standard in the Industry!

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Of Our 3/4 Cent Banner Advertising

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Q. How many people do you want to see your banner advertisement?
2000? - 6000? - 10000?

A. It's all up to you! You pick the number of people you want to see your ad, and we GUARANTEE thatís how many times your Ad will be seen!

Q. How's this possible?
A. For our banner ads you will only pay a one-time fee for the amount of guaranteed views your banner will receive. (i.e. if you pay for 2000 views you'll be guaranteed 2000 banner views)

Q.Where are the banners shown?
We have the banner advertisements on thousands of pages throughout our network of sites. That means more exposure for you. All of our advertisers banners are displayed at random throughout our pages in our network. When yours is shown (displayed) our scripts will track and log the views and clicks. Every time a page is accessed or refreshed a different advertisers banner will display - this will give each advertiser an equal opportunity for their banner to be seen / viewed / clicked

Banner Order Instructions:
Please choose a number of banner displays below, after payment you will be taken to the thank you page where you can submit your banner campaign information. Once your banner is approved we will immediately send you your own personal account # and password which will allow you to login and view your complete banner statistics.

Please note you may not send us the banner via attachment in the email. The banner must be a URL that resides on another webpage. Thanks!

Once your banner is approved we will immediately send you the information you will need to allow you to login and view your complete banner statistics.

Note: Banners Image URLs must be on a website, they must be 468x60 and should be under 20kb in size. No Gambling, Ponzi Schemes, Gifting etc

SPECIAL ORDERS: If you wish to order more then 10 000 banner impressions, please contact us directly as we can offer you a BULK package RATE!! You can email us at: Contact US 

50% Off Your Order
with our Savings Offer!!

Use the coupon code "APPRECIATE"
during CC checkout and you will save
an additional 50% off on your order
2000 $12.50 $6.25   > Credit Card   > AlertPay/PayZa   > 
4000 $25.00 $12.50   > Credit Card   > AlertPay/PayZa   > 
6000 $37.50 $18.75   > Credit Card   > AlertPay/PayZa   > 
8000 $50.00 $25.00   > Credit Card   > AlertPay/PayZa   > 
10000 $62.50 $31.25   > Credit Card   > AlertPay/PayZa   > 

Note: We will not accept any banners promoting adult, xxx, gambling, or gifting content!

Note: Once we receive your ad and activate it in our system, you will then receive an email that is automatically generated by the system. This email will contain your login information so you may check your stats.


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