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Your Home Business Advertising and
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  You have found the PREMIER Company
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YOU with the TOOLS and

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Here you will find all of our special advertising and promotional packages created especially for you, as well as our current websites (and any future ones we develop), and our Company News, Updates and Bulletins. Be sure to check back often!

At MBPAdvertising, LLP we strive to bring you Affordable and Effective Business Solutions along with the absolute BEST Customer Service possible. MBPAdvertising knows that Our Customers are our Business!

Our sites are becoming so numerous that we decided we needed a 'base of operation' so to speak -

Check on our left side menu to discover the different advertising avenues we currently offer. Here at MBPAdvertising, we are known for our Effective and Affordable ways to advertise.

When you are looking for new ways to advertise, be sure to check out first. We constantly have new ideas and new sites under development.

Our most popular advertising program is - The Black Tie of Safelist Submitters - Endorsed and Approved by Safelist Owners! Since we launched this program in 2003, and being the first innovator on the Internet to create this type of a program, we have been copied and duplicated all over the web, but to no avail because nobody can build a submitter like our iPostAd program! We built it to be the BEST and it continues to be... we'll make certain of that! This safelist submitter is like no other - Unique features and 100% web-based! NO DOWNLOADS! ROTATE 5 SUBJECT lines + 5 different ADS w/every send! Submit to Millions EACH MONTH! Too many FEATURES to List iPostAd.Com

Make sure to sign up as a MBPAdvertising reseller. You can earn up to 50% promoting our special advertising deals and packages! PLUS as a reseller when you purchase top sponsor ad, banner ads, web page text ads or other similar advertising packages through your own affiliate link, we will automatically double your impressions! Yes, here at MBPAdvertising we reward our affiliates when they shop at MBPAdvertising! MBP Reseller Signup

Let US put a little Hocus-Pocus in your MARKETING
with BizMajic News!

Publisher - Val Burnett
Subscriber Count: 41,000+
PUBLISHED Since May 2001

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MBPAdvertising, LLP. Owns an Operates Many Websites Including The Following.

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Our partner Viral Biz Media Inc. Owns and Operates

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